Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Hamzaism Code 2: Decoding the Jordan Political Spectrum(s)

Politics 101 or 102 depends

Right to Left and Left to Right to Find Nothing

part B- A Mockery in Progress

p.s. note: the comments to come are quite not based on previous Academia studies or relevant materials as unfortunately this is quite not available, parties now tend to HIDE the size of the party, and don’t in general advocate anything but what would be listed as common of Islamists and traditional leftists. So, I hope it doesn’t get personal it simply echoes a frustration of a Jordanian Young Man trying to understand the politics of his own nation.

Today Politics:
The Islamist and the traditional Left share the following positions
- they are both in the so-called Opposition alliance
- they are both not in favor for the 1994 peace treaty (Baathists are more to the anti-side comparing to more tolerant communist and traditional left)
- they both don’t have a clear economic platform (though Islamists generally are close to the traditional liberal)
- they are loosing ground regardless of typical accusation
- they have irrelevant arguments when it comes the point of them having a better plan
- they both would never turn down a post proposed in the government
- they tend to have more interest in the regional Affairs comparing to the locals
- they cant really mobilize the people as in the golden 60s for the left and 90s for the Islamist
- they don’t really mind receiving foreign aids, meet with Imperial Power (and of course deny it), criticize the act when done by civil society organizations, and then embrace it
- they frequently ex-change power in the Professionals Bar and Associations (mainly Islamists and Arab Nationalists- or green and white)
- same reason of why people don’t embrace or endorse them: Search for the Government
- Islamists are better in self-critique in its very own Islamists definition of the term

Jordan Political Parties Crackers:
The Jordan Socialist Movement, same as Jordan Communists, has not developed or re-visited the old traditional definition to the socialism and they haven’t had leadership changed since perhaps the 60s – debatable, and this is common in all political parties in Jordan who advocate Change and Democracy and fails to apply it themselves.

The Baathis: In Jordan we can witness the two baathis (Iraq branch and the Syrian Branch), and they are worst rivals in many aspects. In theory they should be the same

The Naseri: 6 seniors and a young man I happened to know

The Arab Nationalists (represented in PFLP and DFLP): their left-over Jordanian versions are barely alive

Al Qathafi party: a solo group of beneficiaries that advocates the Green Book of Qathafi of Libya, party called: People Communities Party, members: 13 I assume!

The Jordanian Nationalists: developed in a traditional movement of conservatism and advocates for a bigger role of the State and tend to least favor openness

The Jordanian Liberals: The Mystery of Today and it tends that everyone overnight is throwing a stone at every word that can be made of liberalism in non-coherent sense sometimes. Their advocates argue that at least they have a PLAN! Though it is quite true that current stream has focused more on economic terms, and a bit socials in comparison to the political aspect that is collateral to the package.

And of course we have the following groups:
The women groups: two or three or four streams that is not actually feminists

Youth Groups: who are quite not sure of how this political spectrum can be set and analyzed

And of course the 9 or 11 or 15 Centrist-parties that really none except the Ministry of Political Development acknowledge of existence

(it is not highly recommended to proceed if you are a Jordian young woman or man under the age of 45 or 30 or 18)

The Conclusion that can be really a long one
How would you categorize the at least 33 registered political parties in Jordan (keep in mind that the number would shrink once and for-all the new political parties law is effectively applied)

The Islamic Front: in theory the Collateral for Christian Democrats in Europe
- both liberal and socialist economic plan: whatever that the people like, free-market and government to strain the market , now lean to the populist argument which shall send them to the left
- Socially conservative: I would argue an ultra conservatism that only not applicable during Elections season: we are tolerant to anyone if he/she votes us! Right scores a point here
- Refugees or Migrants attitude: they can be a major voting blocks (Left scores- Universal Vote Right)
- Freedom of Speech: granted in the way we define it (radicals) and all religion-related literature or books or whatever shall be screened and approved deja! (right scores again)
- Freedom of Political Opposition: Hooorah for us, but for the Syrian Opposition: betrayals of your nation and religion (including the Syrian branch of the Islamic Brotherhood)
- Violence: Not even the State should manipulate this right or anyone else! Big Go to Hizbullah and Hamas! But, we are still peaceful! Radical Left Now!
- Iran: enemies of the 90s and friends of 00s
- And I shall leave the list open

Right or Left!

The Communists:
- In Economy Traditional: it is alright for the party members to be really unquestionable rich
- Democracy Rules: but Lenin, Mao Tsi Young, and Stalin are Figures to learn from
- Anti-Imperialism: but it is welcome to see the sister party in Iraq joining the governing notorious council
- GO Labors: hmmm!
- WE WELCOME the USAID Cash to our Sister NGO(s)
- Actually nothing worthy reporting here

The Baathis:
Arab Unity: but we can still have the Syria branch and Iraq branch

The traditional Left:
Some of them tend to be the least friends of migrants and refugees (go Right)
We can be working in Major Corporate and Financial System!
We DREAM a lot!

The Jordanian Traditionalists and Liberals:
Lean to the right with some interesting left thoughts! Though they just don’t know it!

The Way Forward:
Join us at the new hope of the nation in
Hezzb Abna’a Al Haratheen: A Mockery in progress

Again, I had to drop the Centrist-Claim parties with no intentions to do so! I am quite trapped in Guilt!


dima said...

"Lean to the right with some interesting left thoughts! Though they just don’t know it!" i just love this sentence :)

Anonymous said...

hello hamza :

as much as you move to the infinity , u become closer to the absolute zero , that is the end of privatization policy in jordan , i think you are left the economical program of the neo liberals encoded , and it still encoded by calling the dissolution of the Jordanian economy as a privatization , this misunderstanding of the privatization concept is not going innocently , i hope my friend you continue your decoding project and remove this misunderstanding

we have different points of view , i hope we would continue this if you don't mind

Isam said...

excellent analysis brotha ... i have never seen an article that describes the political spectrum in Jordan better !

great job ...

Omar Z. said...

Sorry Hamza, but I expected something better from you than this long ramble. I say this because I think you can do better, especially on 25/5.